Victoria Falls

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What is UNWTO?

What is UNWTO?

What is UNWTO?

The United Nations World Tourism Organisation is the agency of the United Nationsresponsible for the development of international policiesfor the tourism sector, to facilitate its contribution to global economic growth. It currently has 160 member countries.

The UNWTO General Assembly is held biannually on a rotational basis. Participants are member states’policy-makers from relevant ministries and government agencies, supported by the private sector.

UNWTO engages regional and local organisations,academia and research institutions andcivil society in its quest to develop a competitive and productive world tourism industry.UNWTO seeks to promote sustainable policies and practices which optimise the use of natural resources, both consumptive and non-consumptive; to advance respect for the socio-cultural authenticity of host communities and to provide socio-economic benefits for all.

Helder Tomas, UNWTO Deputy Secretary-General for Africa, wrote  “This General Assembly brings the opportunity not only to showcase Zambia and Zimbabwe as tourism destinations, but also to lift high the name of Africa”. Victoria Falls and Livingstone stand to benefit from the infrastructure developments and refurbishment programmes which the hotels and other facilities have undergone.


    •    The secretariat is based in Madrid,Spain, led by the Secretary General.
    •    The secretariat is organised into programmes of work covering various issues including sustainable tourism development,education, trends and marketing,and statistics.
    •    UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism guides the profitable, economic, orderly and sustainable development of the sector.

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