Victoria Falls

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The Zambezi Cycle Challenge

The Zambezi Cycle Challenge

Cyclists stop to admire the view on the Zambezi Cycle Challenge route
Cyclists stop to admire the view on the Zambezi Cycle Challenge route




In a world where money, work and events beyond our control seem to rule our lives, riding a mountain bike is one way of doing something where you have full control - and it’s great fun. Whether you are looking for some social banter, to enjoy a good sunrise, to absorb the sounds of nature, or to shed a few pounds, you will get back home satisfied and better prepared to face the pressures of the ‘real’ world.

The Zambezi Cycle Challenge is a new three-day mountain bike event. From 3-5 July, local and regional riders will be joined by enthusiasts from as far afield as Australia, United States and Europe who will congregate in Victoria Falls to tackle what is undoubtedly one of the most scenic and exciting mountain bike routes available.

Mostly single and double track, the first two days of the event will see participants cycling through the Zambezi National Park along the famous Zambezi River and through teak forests, valleys and grasslands. Wildlife is abundant in the Park and riding this route will require constant awareness and respect for the animals in an area where man is the intruder.

The third day will test the riders’ technical skills as they make their way back towards the Victoria Falls along the Batoka Gorge. With the Zambezi River snaking its way a hundred metres below, providing what is widely regarded as the most famous white water rafting in the world, the scenery will make it difficult not to stop repeatedly just to absorb the views!

All proceeds raised will go towards two wildlife charities, the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust and Children in the Wilderness. It is no coincidence that the funds raised will be utilised to preserve the very wildlife and wilderness that the riders will enjoy during the course of this event.