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Dwarf mongoose fact file

Dwarf mongoose fact file

Dwarf mongoose
Dwarf mongoose
Tom Varley, Wild Visions Photographic Gallery


Scientific name: Helogale parvula

Size: 18 to 28cm, 210 to 350g

Lifespan: 8 years

Diet: Omnivorous, eating insects (mainly beetle larvae, termites, grasshoppers and crickets), spiders, scorpions, small lizards, snakes, small birds, and rodents, and occasionally berries.

Range:  ranges from East to southern Central Africa, from Eritrea and Ethiopia to the Transvaal in South Africa and is primarily found in dry grassland, open forests, and bush land.

Protection Status: no immediate danger of extinction

Did you know? The dwarf mongoose is diurnal and is Africa's smallest carnivore.