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Ndau launches perfume range

Ndau launches perfume range

Perfumes inspired by travellers and ancient traders
Perfumes inspired by travellers and ancient traders
Sarah Kerr


By Sarah Kerr

The Ndau Collection, house of uniquely African hand-crafted jewellery, has launched three fragrances to complement its range of fashion accessories. Asked about this new direction, Christie Halsted, founder of the company, said that The Collection had been determined to ensure they came up with a completely bespoke scent and to achieve this sourced some of the world’s finest artisan experts to collaborate, settling on Tammy Frazer, of Frazer Parfum, to create the fragrances and glass sculptor, David Reade to form the vessels for its signature scents.

 It was decided to create three fragrances, each with a unique African inspiration, commencing with the creation of two luxurious, limited edition scents, a men’s and a women’s, using only essential oils and resins. Their inspiration was the vibrant history of African exploration and trade throughout the ages, from the vast treks made by Africa’s first nomads and the re-discovery of her interior by intrepid 18th Century travellers, to the links between the African, Arabian, European and Asian worlds through trade.


 “Our jewellery is adornment for the body and it seemed a natural step to develop a perfume as adornment for the skin,” Halsted explained. “With Tammy Frazer we began a journey into fragrance and we soon discovered perfume’s origin is in Africa, first composed among the desert sands and pyramids of Egypt. Perfume linked the pharaohs to their gods, raising them above mere mortals.

“Trade beads have always been a core part of, and inspiration for, our jewellery. The elements of our signature ladies’ perfume and its magical final combination travelled the same routes. Imagine strands of beads nestled against sacks of rare spices from all corners of the new world, absorbing their essence, packed on camels and in the holds of wooden dhows, traded for ivory and quills of gold dust.

“This inspiration resulted in a warm and mysterious women’s fragrance we called Cacao Ndau. The scent uses the treasures of the ancient world – gold, rare spices and aromatic resins – and blends them into the most intense form of oil-based perfume. Cacao Ndau is housed in an exquisite handblown glass vessel within which is a Venetian Millefiore bead. This exquisite trade bead imbues the fragrance with another layer - that of the journey it has travelled in its time and functions to swirl the gold dust into perfume oil before application.”

EMAIL : Christie@ndaucollection.com

Website : www.ndaucollection.com