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Zambezi Traveller Social Media Development

Zambezi Traveller Social Media Development

Like it or loathe it, online social media has revolutionised how we communicate and is here to stay. The ability to instantly communicate news, information and images to like minded people can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool if used sensitively.  Many users get turned-off from following companies and organisations, however the ZT can offer varied and interesting information to subscribers whilst also promoting the work of our partners and advertisers. For example the impact and reach of a good wildlife photograph on Facebook, posted by a lodge and shared online, can be truly incredible.

Different social media platforms require customised strategies to maximise their potential.  The Zambezi Traveller has concentrated our social media development efforts over the last year on Facebook, the most popular social media platform, which now claims to have over a billion monthly users. After developing a solid network of followers through steady daily activity and growth, we have now expanded the ZT social media work to encompass twitter (with an estimated 250 million monthly users), Linkedin (>100 million/month), Pinterest (>25 million/month) and of course You Tube (800 million/month). 

Over the next year we aim to develop and grow our strategies for maximising the exposure of the ZT through these, and other, social media platforms. The social media ‘scene’ is ever-changing and rapidly evolving, and developing a social media presence online is time consuming and demanding process, interacting in real time within ever changing environments. We aim to keep on top of new developments and ready to catch the next social media phenomena (Facebook can’t last for ever!).

So if you haven’t already found us online, look us up now!
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