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Cheetah Ambassador in Victoria Falls

Cheetah Ambassador in Victoria Falls

Cheetah Ambassador in Victoria Falls

Some 18 months ago, Wild Horizons Wildlife Trust (now renamed the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust) was asked to take in and rehabilitate an orphaned cheetah. Little did those involved realize what an amazing ambassador this animal would become. 

This individual cannot be released back into the wild due to human imprinting and lack of ability for prey selection and hunting. For ‘Sylvester,’ home must remain the Wild Horizons Wildlife Sanctuary, but his contribution to cheetah conservation is huge.

Sylvester integrates with guests, and he is part of an interactive conservation programme for rural schools, which will go some way to protect wild cheetah populations resident in the region. 

It is interesting to note that wild cheetah have passed through the Sanctuary and Sylvester has seen them, yet had no interest in interacting with them. Among other lessons, the Trust’s conservation education programme teaches:

    •    Species identification of different predators.
    •    The positive impact of wildlife, for instance creating jobs in tourism.
    •    What to do, and not to do, when there is human / wildlife conflict.
    •    The conservation status of different species, and how people can help improve that status.
    •    The difference between hunting and poaching.
    •    The importance of wildlife conservation for the future of Zimbabwe.

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