Victoria Falls

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The dream becomes real

The dream becomes real

On the Msuna Walk
On the Msuna Walk

It began as a dream. We wanted to walk from Victoria Falls to Msuna along the scenic gravel road following the course of the Zambezi River, a walk that would be 126km long and take five days to complete.

In 2010 we gathered family and friends to join us on this journey and started training. This year I felt there had to be some benefit from this mad scheme of ours and chose to give stationery to rural school children along the route.

The scenic views, the local villagers, the children and characters we met along the way made it a life-changing experience. In winter everything is dry, dusty and barren but still holds its own beauty. The sunsets and sunrises were breathtaking and the views spectacular as the road winds its way down to Msuna. Three camps were in the bush and the last one on white sands next to the roaring Zambezi River as it tumbled over rocks on its way to Kariba. This year we had a beach party there to add to the fun.

Every person who completes the walk expresses a wish to do it again and most do return. People who live in cities particularly enjoy the freedom of walking through areas that are completely uninhabited. It is not a race but a great photographic opportunity, a time to make new friends and generally enjoy the journey.

This year our walkers, apart from their financial contribution towards stationery, also received the most amazing gifts for the children from their friends. Norwin Bhasera sent uniforms, T shirts and a bag of sunglasses which the children loved! Joy Hagelthorn and her friends in Mauritius filled a large box with the most magnificent stationery. The walkers said it was worth every step to see the children’s faces when they received these unexpected gifts. Bamm Stationers and Longmans in Harare offered a substantial discount to us too.

This hike is becoming increasingly popular as people talk about it. This year the numbers had grown so we organised two walks, one in June and the other in July. Walkers have come from Australia, South Africa, Botswana and Denmark as well as Zimbabweans from Harare, Chiredzi, Bulawayo and of course, Victoria Falls.

In 2014 we are hoping to combine an endurance challenge with one of the walks. Leon Varley together with two Australian friends (and anyone else who would like to join them) would like to see how far they can walk in a twenty-four hour period. This year he managed 82km. Not bad for someone about to turn 60! He also aims to raise sponsorship for anti-poaching.