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Proflight Zambia February Newsflash

Posted on 17 February 2014


Proflight Zambia February Newsflash

Baggage Allowances

Increase in Domestic Baggage Allowance

Effective 01 March 2014 the free checked baggage allowance on the Lusaka-Solwezi route increases from 15 kg’s to 23 kg’s baggage plus 5 kg’s hand baggage.

Effective 01 April 2014 the free checked baggage allowance on the Lusaka- Mfuwe route also increases to 23 kg's plus 5 kg's hand baggage

The increased baggage allowances apply from the dates indicated above regardless of the baggage allowance indicated on the ticket.

Interline Baggage Allowance: Where an international connecting flight and a Proflight sector are included on the one ticket and in the one PNR then Proflight will apply the Economy Class allowances of the interline carrier. If for any reason not all the extra interline baggage can be loaded then it will be sent free of charge on the next available flight. This policy does not apply where there are two separate tickets or where the ticket is issued on Hahn Air (169).

Domestic Check-In deadline changes to 30 minutes

In order to facilitate on-time departures, with effect From 01 April 2014 the Check-In counters will close 30 minutes prior and not the current 15 minutes deadline.

This change has been necessitated by more pre-departure formalities and an increase in the number of domestic flights.


Online Check-In

Proflight will shortly introduce on-line check-in for passengers with hand-baggage only- watch this space.

Current Offers

Solwezi Sale – For a Limited time only, all Lusaka/Solwezi flights will be offered at all seats in M-Class – that is a return ticket for only K2,047 guaranteed.

Mongu Sale – For a Limited time only, Lusaka/Mongu Y-Class fare reduced - that is a return ticket for only K2,675 guaranteed.

Proflight Network Discounts - Reduced thorough-fares now available on all routes, stopover allowed of maximum 12 hours in Lusaka.

Fully inclusive Return Fares starting from:

Ndola/ Livingstone K1,504
Ndola/ Mfuwe K1,889
Ndola/ Lower Zambezi K1,450
Ndola/ Chipata K3,332
Ndola/ Lilongwe K2,576 / USD528
Ndola/ Dar-es-Salaam K4,173 / USD762
Solwezi/ Livingstone K1,891
Solwezi/ Mfuwe K2,197
Solwezi/ Lower Zambezi (Royal and Jeki) K1,778
Solwezi/ Dar-es-Salaam K4,416 / USD831
Dar-es-Salaam/ Lilongwe K5,296 / USD954
Dar-es-Salaam/ Livingstone K4,139 / USD806
Dar-es-Salaam/ Mfuwe K4,533 / USD820
Lilongwe/ Livingstone K3,120 / USD582


N’cwala Ceremony - Special flights added for Lusaka/ Chipata 21, 22, 23 February plus 20% discount using promo code NCWALACIP14

Getaway Special available at K1,320 pp return ticket Lusaka/ Mfuwe if you book within 21 days of travel for a max 5 night stay

Easter Zanzibar Direct Flights starting from only K4,600 return ticket price. Proflight direct flights will operate as below, all other dates the fare is still available in conjunction with Precision Air flights to/from Zanzibar.

Lusaka/Zanzibar direct 08:00-12:20 Thu 17Apr and Fri 18Apr

Zanzibar/Lusaka direct 14:00-16:20 Mon 21Apr and 18:00-20:20 Wed 23 Apr

Direct Zanzibar flights available for booking through Videcom, combinations with Precision Air flights to be done through Reservations only

GDS now updated to sell this fare as any of the direct flights or in conjunction with Precision Air.

Schedule Changes

Additional Ndola capacity - new late afternoon flights on Wed/Thu/Fri/Sun, Lusaka-Ndola (P00302) 15:00-15:45 and Ndola-Lusaka (P00303) 16:15-17:00

New connections to P00302: Durban at 13:00, Gaborone at 13:35, Windhoek/Harare at 12:45.

Time change 30 minutes later than current, P00306 Lusaka-Ndola now at 17:30-18:15 and P00305 Ndola-Lusaka now at 18:45-19:30.

New connection to P00306: Nairobi at 16:20


Interline Agreements between Proflight and Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines and Kenya Airways – mean you can book a through ticket combining any Proflight destination with any Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines or Kenya Airways destination worldwide.

Precision Air interline in place allows passengers to book any Proflight destination with any Precision Air destination (Example: Mfuwe- Zanzibar, Ndola- Arusha)

Kuomboka is coming up and once dates are announced Proflight will add extra Lusaka/ Mongu capacity for this

Airtel Money can be used as a form of payment for all Proflight flights booked online.

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