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Norma Jeane’s the perfect stop over

Posted on 11 May 2015

Norma Jeane’s Lake View Resort is the perfect stop over or weekend get- away.

30km outside Masvingo, just off the main Beit Bridge road,  overlooking Lake Mutirikwi (Lake Kyle), offering some of the best bass fishing in Zimbabwe and plenty more for the non-fisherman.

A few minutes away from Great Zimbabwe, it looks across the Lake at the Kyle Recreational Park - well worth a trip if you like seeing animals rather than tourists. Visitors will see a plethora of wild life including rhino.

At the dam wall, there’s a tiny Chapel built by the water bailiff, for his daughter's wedding.  It was never used as she was tragically killed in a road accident before her wedding day.

The Italian Chapel in Masvingo, built by bored yet talented Prisoners of War between 1942-46, features amazing artwork and murals. Think Sistine Chapel on a much smaller scale.

Whether you want a well-appointed hotel room and meals in our dining room with breathtaking views over the lake, or you'd like a fully equipped self catering family lodge or even if you'd rather just camp, Norma Jeane’s offers the only campsite with real lawn and hot and cold running water within miles.

Contact : telephone +263-39-264879 or email normajeanes@yoafrica.com.