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27 Tips on booking your safari

27 Tips on booking your safari

27 Tips on booking your safari

Helpful suggestions for anyone planning a safari.

To my mind a small exclusive safari is one of the best holidays in the world. But what might be to my liking might not appeal to someone else. Over the years I have met all different types on safari; those like me who are addicted and can’t get enough, to those who fancied the idea but what they are experiencing is not really what they wanted.

I have been called in the middle of the night by a hysterical client who was having a fit because there were elephant outside her chalet and she was convinced every wild animal would eat her. She was definitely better suited to a package holiday staying in hotels with air-conditioning, TV and game viewing from closed vehicles.
Some tips on how to book your safari:-

(1)Book through a reputable and knowledgeable tour operator or travel agent, or if you know where you want to go, book direct.
(2) Don’t be scared to ask questions.
(3) Give as much information about your preferences as possible. There’s nothing worse than being sent somewhere that doesn’t suit you.
(4) Let them know if it is your first safari or where else you have travelled.
(5) What type of accommodation do you like – air-conditioned comfort or a tented camp?
(6) Do you feel safer in bigger hotels or lodges?
(7) Do you want budget or luxury accommodation?
(8) Are you relaxed about wild animals walking freely around the camp?
(9) How long do you want your safari for?
(10) Advise your interests – are you keen on birding or photography?
(11) Advise any special dietary requirements.
(12) Location, location, location! Find out …
(13) Where the property is situated, for example inside or outside the park.
(14) What are you likely to see.
(15) The distance to game areas or other attractions.
(16) Does the property have internet or TV?
(17) Whether access is by air or road.
(18) How do transfers work and the time taken.
(19) If flying do you need to pay airport departure taxes?
(20) How much luggage is allowed?
(21) What will the weather be like? If it is during the rainy season does it rain all day? What do the temperatures get up to?
(22) What is game viewing like at the time of year you will be travelling?
(23) Are visas required?
(24) Is your passport valid for travel?
(25) What vaccinations do you need?
(26) Is it a malaria area? Seek professional advice on malaria prophylaxis.
(27) Do you have any physical challenges, for example needing a wheelchair or having difficulty with steps.

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