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Die another day!

Die another day!

Keeping it’s head above water, survival instincts for this puku are strong
Keeping it’s head above water, survival instincts for this puku are strong
Mario-Jose Carballo

It’s a new year in the Luangwa Valley, and this means new growth, with everything lush and green from all the rain. Along with the new growth comes new life.

Baby impalas, zebras and warthogs are running all over the place, as well as the cutest lion cubs you’ve ever seen. It’s a truly special time to visit, and River Journeys explore the Luangwa River at its most dramatic.
Apart from boating, walking safaris and game drives complete the River Journeys experience. Recently guests were treated to a nail biting game drive.

The guests noticed several hyenas purposefully heading towards a shallow lagoon. They followed and found a puku in the middle of the lagoon. Assuming it was stuck in the mud, they thought the hyenas would quickly close in, but the hyenas were hesitant. What was going on?
A sudden splash gave the answer; a young crocodile was trying to make a meal out of the puku. A struggled ensued with the crocodile grabbing the puku by its neck, its muzzle and even its ear at one stage.

Despite the crocodile’s efforts, the puku always managed stay above the water. Once it even made it out of the lagoon, but the presence of the hyenas made it jump back into the water. Eventually both the hyenas and the crocodile lost interest and the poor puku lived to die another day!

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