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Zambezi River now a link, no longer a barrier

Zambezi River now a link, no longer a barrier

Zambezi River now a link, no longer a barrier

The Kavango Zambezi TFCA is breaking down the old barriers. Now it is not just the elephants that are moving across the river.

 In June this year Chief Sekute of the Kazungula  District travelled to Victoria Falls to meet with Chief Mvutu.  Chief Sekute was accompanied by his Ngambela. Traditional rituals and greetings were observed.

In November Chief Mvutu received an invitation to visit Chief Sekute at his Chundu kuta. He was accompanied by elders from his community. The two chiefs discussed the upcoming Lwiindi ceremony to be hosted at the Chundi kuta. The Lwiindi ceremony is an annual customary ritual held just before the start of the rains.  Chief Mvutu will soon visit the new Simalaha Community Wildlife Conservancy, being set up by communities on both sides of the Kasaya River in Zambia. The new conservancy will be an innovative model of conservation management and will require careful design of a land use plan that will incorporate normal livestock management with wildlife management and tourism development.

The future will see increased communication between traditional leaders of the five countries of the Kaza TFCA.