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Planning to re-green a country

Planning to re-green a country

Zambian women participating in reforestation project in Zambia
Zambian women participating in reforestation project in Zambia
Green Pop


With a target of 5,000 trees to be planted in three weeks in July, Trees for Zambia is perhaps the most dynamic community-based reforestation project ever to take root in the country.

Greenpop is a social enterprise based in South Africa and Zambia with the objective of making sustainability popular, fun and accessible to all. It does this through tree-planting projects at schools and community centres, and larger scale reforestation.

Trees for Zambia is an ongoing reforestation and eco-awareness project in a country with one of the highest deforestation rates in the world. Greenpop aims to create a more sustainable future through urban greening, education, social bridging and increasing biodiversity.

In July last year the initial project in Zambia planted more than 4,000 trees in and around Livingstone. Since then a full time staff member has monitored the trees and continued with education.

This year the action is taking place from 7-28 July with the aim to plant trees as well as organise workshops and sustainability education for the surrounding communities and volunteers who take part in the project.  

Events like this are not possible without meaningful partnerships with a variety of people and companies. Individuals and companies can sponsor trees - one tree, 100  trees, 1,000 trees - every tree counts - as well as volunteer during the event.

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