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Snare Sweep Report

Snare Sweep Report

Snare Sweep Report

Tendai from ZTA (Zim Tourism Authority) reported on Thursday that some guys in a mini bus had told him they saw an elephant by the old mud pool just before the Kariba 10km  sign post with a baby elephant  that looked as if it  was having trouble walking properly.
Cavan went to have a look but  after spending quite sometime he found no sign of  them.
PLEASE if anyone sees the above contact any of the below KARIBA cell numbers or email  as soon as possible after having sight of them. Be alert when there are Cow elephants with their youngsters. Remind people that they are cheeky and must not be teased or intimidated in any way.

25 June 13 snares Kaburi Area. Small group of impala sighted and a few water buck. Most of the snares were fresh. We believe Parks had also patrolled here and recovered some as well.

26 June 9 snares Rifa area near Banana Farm. Shortly after being dropped off, the patrol followed human spore and recovered 9 fresh snares. They then heard a buffallo bellowing and contacted us.
The noise continued for over an hour. Parks and Andries were contacted. Donna Scholtz  rushed out with Andries's Equipment and our dart gun to meet Andries who was in the area.

Parks & W/Life Nyanyana - Mr Khupa and several scouts also came out. Mr Khupa then patrolled to the area where the buff was making a noise but could find nothing. There was sign of a Hyena that had been snared but broke the wire. Mr Khupa carried on to the power line road following the herd of buffallo hoping to see a sign. Another scout had doubled back on the spoor of a poacher which led up to the banana farm fence. Here he found 4 snares within 2 meters of the fence. A very big thank you to Parks, Donna Scholtz, Andries and Mark van Zuydam (andries's back up) These folks are always very quick to respond when they are able! The snare patrol found 9 snares in the follow up and Parks 4, bringing in a total of 13 snares in a small area.

27 June 3 snares Main rd to Nyamasura/Zambezi. Bush fires had burnt most of the grass. I ele (sorefoot) near the dumps and 5 Zebra were seen.

28 June 3 snares North of the airport to rifle range. No animals sighted, 8 snares removed

29 th June. Slight hiccup with collecting Parks Ranger so patrol was cancelled. On returning from Parks to the house Cavan’s dog jumped out the van near the turn off to Somerset Lodge so he got the guys to help find the dog. Dog was ok but in the short distance they walked they found 4 HEAVY wire cable snares, very fresh not far from houses on Baobab Ridge/Cutty Sark road area.
After finding the dog they received a call to say there was buffalo near where the Mucharara crosses the road(now referred to as Hyena Cnr after removing the snare from the Hyena, on that corner).
 So they doubled back and placed the snare patrol guys in positions where they could observe the buff to see if the 2 year old with the wire could be seen. They all had binoculars. At midday  it was called  a day as none appeared to be carrying wire/snares but all were looking fit and fat, with a possibility that the herd has increased slightly since last year.

Our precious small heard of Buffalo would have walked into these freshly laid snares if Cavan and the Snare team had not come across these whilst retrieving the run-away dog.
30th June.
KAWFT recieved a call from a Kariba resident to say there was an injured Baboon near AMC garage on the south side of the road. A search revealed nothing and as Cavan returned to the car the bobo was seen resting against the rear left tyre. Parks could not be reached so it could not be put out of it's misery. A message was sent for a sack. The bobo was caught by the scruff of it's neck and placed screaming like a banshee into the sack. It appeared to be badly concussed. It was placed in a 4 metre cage for observation.
Shortly after this another  Kariba resident contacted KAWFT to say she had a stray dog in the back of her van that needed to be "put down" It was in a very bad way and was euthanised and the carcass immediately burnt.

Anyone seeing a sick dog,  in particular a stray dog, must not approach or touch it.
Rather report it to the police. Parks or KAWFT. The risk of it being rabid is very real  and a bit of saliva on a little scratch is enough to infect one with this dreaded disease which can then lead to death if treatment does not work.

REMEMBER: When Driving or walking,  Animals always have the right of way
KEEP KARIBA CLEAN  Keep litter to yourself, in your vehicle or boat and empty only at designated points.

Kariba Animal Welfare Fund Trust in conjunction with  Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management

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