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Elephant Charge raises US$170,000

Elephant Charge raises US$170,000

Elephant Charge raises US$170,000

The sixth annual Elephant Charge rally, testing thrill seekers in a formidable bush challenge to conquer all others, took place on 26 October and raised more than US$170,000 for conservation projects in Zambia.

Labelled the ‘Seven Rivers Charge’ this year due to the terrain and the first rains of the season which started the night before the Charge. But winches were soon out and sand ladders deployed, showing Chargers were up to the challenge! Sixteen teams took part in the eight hour event attempting the shortest distance between ten sponsored checkpoints in the bush. The breath-taking site was 50km south of Lusaka towards the Zambezi escarpment, complete with gullies, dongas (steep gullies) and rock screes, not to mention the buffalo beans! (Mucuna pruriens a plant that when rubbed against makes one very itchy)

The victorious team with the shortest distance between checkpoints was team Camel with a short-wheel-base Land Rover and a skilled crew, finishing the course in 24.8km (22.1km less than the second place Carnivores). Amongst other prize-winners were the Zamtelligents (sponsored by Zamtel) who won the Spirit of the Charge award for assisting one of the other teams who were stuck for over half an hour and narrowly missed the deadline by eight minutes. Now that’s spirit!

The top fundraising prize went to KhalAmazi who raised ZK276,638, an impressive achievement and a significant boost to conservation in Zambia. Organisations which will benefit from the event include Wildlife Environment Society of Zambia, Conservation Lower Zambezi, Chipembele Wildlife Education, South Luangwa Conservation Society and GRI–Muzovu Awareness Project.

Safety is always top priority and this year www.skytrailszambia.com donated helicopter flying hours conducting aerial surveillance for vehicles and teams who temporarily went missing in the bush during the day; happily they were all recovered safe and sound.

As always the weekend was fantastic fun with a great party under a fairy-lit marquee on Saturday night. A guest appearance was even made by the Carnivore team’s Mitsubishi Pajero on the dancefloor to ACDC Thunderstruck. Who knew cars could dance?

The Elephant Charge thanks all of our supporters including Zambezi Traveller, one of the sponsors of the CLZ Mudhogs team!

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