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Antelope Island - Feeding station

Antelope Island - Feeding station

Antelope Island - Feeding station

4 Hydro bags have finally arrived from SA kindly donated by Mr. Mark Vinjevold

We have had all these amazing donations below.
Willie Swan - 1 ton beef food.

Glen Mac Robert Smith on behalf of Centra feeds -  1/2 a ton of cubes.vely nutritious!

PJ Moor -  50 bags mafuti

Johhny Campbell -  Bales of Rhodes Grass (12 Rolled bales.)

Profeeds  - have  just donated approximately 2 tonnes of Game feed . This has been delivered to our very kind feed holders  at

Odendaal Stables in Borrowdale who hold for us there until we organize transport

Vago and Amanda Haritatos -  200 bags of wheat husk bran and delivered it to LLA at no cost.

LLA - Loading feed onto trailer

Odendaal Stables - James and Gail Odendaal who are into their 2nd year of storing food as a base before it is moved up to Kariba

Natureways & Hornbill Lodge - bailing close on 2000 bales of hay at the airport.

David Mc Master  - trekking the grass bales from Kariba Airport to Kariba side where we are storing them and will be trekking again this week !!!

500 Bales will be going across to Bumi Lodge for feeding on Starvation Island.
Thank you so much AGAIN to all the above and our long standing “Givers” for all your help in kind and donations that help for the care of our Wildlife
African proverb -  If you think you are too small to make a difference, you have never spent the night with a mosquito 
For any donations, help offer, more info, or information on injured animals please contact below
Email: kawf2011@gmail.com

Phone numbers
Cavan Warran -  0772 690 915 - KARIBA
Nick Grant -  0772 607 214 - HARARE
Sonya Mc Master - Land Home 061 2488 Cell 0772 874 352 - KARIBA
Debbie Ottman - Land Home 061 2342 Work 2764 or 2443 Cell 0773 996 487- KARIBA

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