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Injured baby elephant attended to

Injured baby elephant attended to

Injured baby elelphant, Kariba
Injured baby elelphant, Kariba

Kariba Animal Welfare Fund Trust in conjunction with National Parks & Wildlife
REMEMBER: When Driving or walking,  Animals always have the right of way
KEEP KARIBA CLEAN  Keep litter to yourself, in your vehicle or boat and empty only at designated points.
A small breeding herd of Elephants has moved in to the Kariba area.
On Thursday morning it was noticed that the one youngster that is thought to be “Quarry Baby”  is in this herd.Q Baby was seen with a terrible foot last year but we could not find him again to treat him.
Sms’s were sent out to various residents in the area to pass on that there was a small breeding herd in town and to be alert.
KAWFT organized with Parks and Wildlife for the darting of this youngster and the vehicle was sent to collect the Rangers.
There were approximately 5 youngsters and 7 cows and they remained under the power lines in front of Tamarind Lodges whilst Andries Scholtz slowly got into position to dart the youngster. Bryce Clemence also helped Andries Scholtz.
The foot was very large but completely healed.

Andries then got his metal detector and traced where the embedded wire is.

It is believed the wire was at the bone and the bone had “calcified “over the wire”. Further investigation revealed the wire was only about 12 cm long and did not encircle the foot. (according to the metal detector.) By this time Lara who was monitoring the youngsters breathing was concerned that his breathing rate was slowing down a bit and they decided to leave things as they are.
He was given a dose of long lasting antibiotics and brought around to rejoin his one tusk mother. The Parks Rangers were returned to their base at Nyanyana.
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