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Catch and Release - How to keep your fish alive

Catch and Release - How to keep your fish alive

Catch and Release - How to keep your fish alive

The tricky tiger
Catch and release with tiger fish is trickier than with other species because of  its extremely limited tolerance outside of its natural environment. Due to their fast metabolism, tiger fish can’t be kept in water to be weighed at the end of the day, so the fish must be measured and photographed immediately after catching.

The longer the fight, the heavier the fish and the warmer the water, the less chance of survival. For best chances of survival, fish should be returned to the water within a maximum of one minute of being landed, and within 30 seconds if possible.

To minimise slime and scale loss which could severely limit the survival chances of the fish, anglers should use either wet hands or a knotless, rubberized landing net. Don’t hoist large fish vertically out of the water as this can damage jaw muscle and bone as well as internal organs.

Exercise time and care. Fish should be placed in the water and held by the base of the tail. If the fish is does not swim away on its own, gently move it forward in the water to get water flowing over the gills. Move the fish in the forward direction only as a fish’s gills are designed for water flow in only one direction.

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