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Wilderness and conservation

Wilderness and conservation

Wilderness and conservation


Wilderness Safaris believes that if we conserve the wild areas in which we are privileged to operate, we will have a valuable heritage to leave for future generations. Our collaborative work continues to grow in Zimbabwe with research and conservation groups such as CNRS Hwange, Hwange Lion Project, the Cheetah Conservation Project of Zimbabwe, the research department of Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Authority (ZimParks), BirdLife Zimbabwe and the National University of Science and Technology (NUST).

We have also increased monitoring projects that we run under ZimParks; a new 10-year zebra monitoring project, has started within our concession.

This year we include vegetation sampling and will build a high quality vegetation map. We will also be looking to revive the Linkwasha vlei burn project with ZimParks.

The year will also see the start of a study on both ground hornbill and ostrich in collaboration with NUST professor, Peter Mundy. At the same time, perhaps the highlight of the year will be the production of a bird checklist which will be done by the guides with Prof Mundy and our ecologist.

Ongoing monitoring, measuring, evaluating and co-ordinating mean that our ecologist Arnold Tshipa is kept busy.Arnold had the opportunity to attend a bird-ringing session at Hwange Main Camp arranged by BirdLife Zimbabwe. He was also involved with a community out-reach programme,‘Conserving and Empowering Future Generations’.

As southern Hwange has no natural rivers, the non-perennial pans are pumped for most of the year. In total, Wilderness pumps 12 boreholes both within our concession and on our boundaries. During the dry months last year, we were able to maintain a water level of 55% capacity.

We recently donated a new water bowser to the Anti-Poaching Unit which means more mobile camps can be set up in their operational areas. Regular liaison between our guides and the APU patrols has successfully led to the arrest of poachers. So it’s thanks as always to our guests for making it possible.

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