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Sable Sands one year on

Sable Sands one year on

View from the lodge, Sable Sands, Hwange
View from the lodge, Sable Sands, Hwange

The opening of Sable Sands Lodge, Hwange, was covered in Zambezi Traveller Issue 12. This once iconic lodge had sat idle for many years before Marleen and Brian Sabeta Post decided to bring it back to life, and there was much work to be done to get it to a standard to receive guests. ZT spoke to them to find out how their first year had gone – and as we did so, painted dogs appeared at the waterhole, chasing an impala.

ZT: Has this year turned out as you expected?
B&M: No, not at all, it has been a whirlwind. We have had to extend and build an extra five lodges, all with exclusive views of the waterhole, so we can now accommodate group bookings as well as individuals.

ZT: Your lodge has had great reviews - what special qualities appeal?
B&M: We think our strong point is that we manage the lodge ourselves; we are the hosts. We are passionate about cooking – one of us will cook on the open fire with the guests once a day – our guests feel like part of a family. We are not ever planning to be a four or five star lodge; our focus is on sharing our wildlife and nature experiences with our guests. We have no electricity and no wifi; it is very peaceful here.

ZT: How long would you recommend your guests stay?
B&M: Oh, at least two nights. We are very fortunate to be situated on the edge of the famous 25km long Dete Vlei which borders Hwange National Park, so time is needed to explore this beautiful forest area as well as the Park itself. We now can offer guests a walking safari with a knowledgeable and experienced professional guide – this must be booked in advance. Last but not least, time is needed to relax in front of the waterhole, watching animals come and go.

ZT: How has the game viewing been this year?
B&M: Well as you have just experienced, we are continuously treated to the most amazing sights. Some days can be on the quiet side, which is the nature of the wild, and some days are incredible - so we are always kept in suspense. We are now into the green season - the lovely smell of the rain, new leaves appearing on the trees and the antelope having their young. This is a special time of year.

ZT: How is 2014 looking for you?
B&M: We are excited for next year. Our bookings look promising plus we will have settled down with regard to new developments, so we look forward to 2014.

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