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Zimbabwe Schools’ Nutrition and Deworming Program

Zimbabwe Schools’ Nutrition and Deworming Program

Zimbabwe Schools’ Nutrition and Deworming Program
Mike Myers

It is a fact that hungry children cannot learn as well as children who are well nourished.  It is for this reason that the implementation of a nutrition programme has to be run concurrently with any work done to uplift schools in need of donor assistance.  The Zimbabwe Schools’ Nutrition and Deworming  program is currently run by Wilderness Safaris Zimbabwe at five schools in the northern Matebele region: Ngamo, Mphindo, Kapane, Ziga and Jabulani. The scheme feeds a total of 1,200 children every day.  One solid meal a day makes a significant difference to the children in terms of school attendance and concentration levels.

The community too is actively involved in the project through a roster scheme that has been implemented between the parents of the children in the schools.  These parents take turns to prepare the food each day for the children, which mean that there is no need to recruit people specially to fulfill this role.

The children’s responsibility is to bring a plate to school each day and the youngest children are fed first. Hygiene is taught and so after washing their hands the children line up for food and then sit and eat together till everyone has finished. Then it is the turn of the next age group and so on till everyone has eaten. The program is a great success and has added tremendous value to the children who are now better able to concentrate on the syllabus.

In addition Wilderness Safaris has introduced vegetable gardens, including boreholes and water tanks, at most schools to supplement the diet of the children. Where possible, additional vegetables are sold to supplement the income of the school. 

In conjunction with the feeding scheme a deworming program has been introduced in order to ensure that the children are fit and well and able to benefit from their nutrition.

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