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Chivero opens for rhino event

Chivero opens for rhino event

Chivero opens for rhino event

Working together to commemorate World Rhino Day in Harare, the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority of Zimbabwe and AWARE Trust (Animal and Wildlife Area Research and Rehabilitation) organised a 5, 10 and 20km fun walk, run or ride through Chivero Game Park.

AWARE felt it appropriate to take the event into the home of the rhinos, incorporating the msasa-clad, natural bush where, mandated by ZimParks, AWARE vets carry out de-horning and monitoring programmes.

The participants braved the excessive heat on 28 September, the youngest in a pushchair and the more mature participants exceeding 67 years young.

The non-competitive day was about showing support for rhino conservation, building awareness and working together. Local businesses provided AWARE with donated food, drinks and even hardware to replace broken ablutions at Chivero Recreational Park.

Enthusiastic students from the University of Zimbabwe were on hand to offer assistance. EMRAS donated their ambulance and crew, conquering the dirt roads to ensure participants did not find the heat too exhausting. The AWARE Team’s offers of bush mechanics to a rider with a flat tyre were brushed aside with “what better place to have a flat!”

Many participants saw wildlife including giraffe, zebra, impala and rhino, adding excitement to the route. Despite various ‘watering holes’ providing refreshments along the route, red-faced, hot participants arrived back at camp to feast on donated ice creams.

Entertainment included National Parks school children who read well thought-out poems about wildlife poaching, a local dance group which did its own interpretation of rhino versus poacher, which the rhino won, exhibits by AWARE, Environment Africa, ZimParks and others, and talks from Zimbabwe’s rhino ambassador Charlene Hewat, ZimParks, AWARE vets and the Rhino Knights who joined the event en route from SA.

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