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Find the fun of flying

Find the fun of flying

Find the fun of flying

Learning to fly must rate as one of the most exhilarating experiences anyone can imagine and Zimbabwe provides an ideal climate. There are opportunities for residents or visitors to the country to fly to any local or regional destination, enjoy flying as a sport, or learn to fly for a career in aviation.


Ideal times to fly in Zimbabwe are during the months of April through to November.  The cooler months provide better performance temperatures, whereas the summer months allow for earlier departures and stunning views, although during the rains careful scheduling is often required. Operators adhere to stringent safety and maintenance regulations for both air charter companies and air sports enthusiasts.


Komani Flying Club, home to Harare's light air sport enthusiasts, caters to members with aircraft ranging from Weight Shift 'trikes' to the more sophisticated LSA type aircraft such as the Sling, Savannah and Sting, as well as gliders and model aircraft. Facilities for members include a club venue, licensing for pilots and aircraft, as well as regulatory examinations under the governing body of light sport in Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe Recreational Aircraft Association. Members often organise excursions to destinations in Zimbabwe and the region and welcome visitors and new members wishing to take up the sport. Komani is a non-commercial organisation.


Air Charter companies provide tailor-made itineraries throughout Zimbabwe and Africa, all varying in price according to the route and size or type of aircraft, and operate within the restrictions and regulations of the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe.


Executive Air, is based at Charles Prince Airport which includes Customs and Immigration offices during normal daylight hours. Executive Air clients can also be transferred to and from Harare International terminal for arrivals and departures.  The company will soon be offering competitive rates for Private Pilot's Licence (PPL) training, and are in the final stages of the Civil Aviation Approval. All their students will be members of the Mashonaland Flying Club. The company is approved to carry out maintenance on a wide range of Zimbabwean, Zambian and South African aircraft.

Halsted's Aviation Corporation has a complement of aircraft to service all types of air charter travel, as well as helicopter services, and partners with a South African company that meets necessary audit requirements to lease jet services. Operating out of Harare International Airport, the company is actively involved in the implementation of safety and quality assurance management programmes. All aircraft are tracked with satellite tracking while remaining in communication throughout the flight.