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Francistown Investment Forum 2014

Francistown Investment Forum 2014

Francistown Investment Forum 2014

The city of Francistown gave birth to the current regional socio-economic climate in the 1800s when it became the first gold mining area in Botswana to spark the African gold rush. It is therefore imperative that the place that started the hive of economic activity continues to pioneer the next level to which the region is headed. This vision serves to harness the opportunities found in and around the city dubbed “the ground gateway to the rest of Africa” with a view to bringing about a co-ordinated drive towards this realisation.

The Francistown Investment Forum 2014 will be the inaugural vehicle used to implement the city’s Vision 2022. This is a strategic initiative planned to attract potential investors to catalyse inward investment - a multi-stakeholder gathering to discuss and facilitate action on new and existing investment opportunities in and around the city of Francistown. Further, the investment forum will provide a platform to showcase new investment opportunities that exist in different sectors such as mining, manufacturing, ICT, agriculture, tourism, energy, multimedia and infrastructure development.

The designed outcome of this event is to promote and unveil both new and existing investment flows that will contribute to the socio-economic development of Francistown. Through this forum we will be able to bring together various captains of industry who can influence global investment and also call for new trade relations.

It is therefore essential to note that this forum is set to provide practical and workable economic solutions that are ready to be implemented, which will add value to the drive for robust trade and investment in the city of Francistown. This will support the local, national, regional and mostly the international market base.

Francistown is situated on fertile land around its two main rivers, theTati and Ntshe, and has four major dams in a radius of 100km as well as 12 active mining activities in copper, nickel, coal, diamonds and gold.

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