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Step by step through Africa

Step by step through Africa

Step by step through Africa

ZT first introduced the amazing Zapp family in Issue 15 when they were in Mana Pools (see The 13-year road trip). Here’s what they wrote to our rep in Tete.

By Herman Zapp

We arrived in Durban, South Africa, from Mumbai, India. We were feeling more than happy and very anxious - Africa is the fourth continent we have visited in our long journey around the world. The very first week after we arrived we received an invitation to the city of Tete. We took a look at the map to spot this new city and we saw it very, very far away from where we were. And now we can’t believe that we are here, after travelling around South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Tete was the first city for us in Mozambique and we have had a wonderful welcome from the people and our hosts, Gigi and JB. They took us to Cahora Bassa Dam and not only was the destination beautiful but also the road to get there, all green mountains, with little villages along the way. We spent two hours on a boat ride around the dam where we saw crocodiles, hippos, local people in ‘mocorros’ and a sunset that was stunning.

Everything comes, sooner or later. We arrived in Mozambique and we want to enjoy the beaches very much. Egypt is our final destination in Africa, so we know that even though it looks very far away it will also come. And this is the way we accomplish this dream, step by step. We don’t look at the destination, otherwise it will seem impossible and will scare us. We try to think how to get to the next town; once there, we can figure out how to get to the next one. This is how we have travelled four continents so far in 14 years of this wonderful lifestyle.

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