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Gorongosa Restoration Project

Gorongosa Restoration Project

The Projecto Leões da Gorongosa team closely monitors prides and coalitions in the park
The Projecto Leões da Gorongosa team closely monitors prides and coalitions in the park
PAOLA BOULEY, Director, Projecto Leões da Gorongosa


By: PAOLA BOULEY, Director, Projecto Leões da Gorongosa

 Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique, is Africa’s greatest wildlife restoration story: a 20-year Public-Private Partnership between the Government of Mozambique and the Gorongosa Restoration Project, a US non-profit organisation.


By adopting a 21st century conservation model of balancing the needs of wildlife and people, GRP aims to protect and save this beautiful wilderness, returning it to its rightful place as one of Africa’s greatest parks.

The project achieves its mission by working in four core areas:

Tourism: By developing tourism, to create employment for local people and generate sustainable revenue for the Park. Every guest who visits Gorongosa plays a vital role in this amazing conservation effort.

Conservation: By protecting Gorongosa’s beautiful animals and landscapes, to ensure future generations will have a chance to experience this special place.

Science: By studying how all the parts of Gorongosa’s complex web of life fit together, to make informed conservation and management decisions.

Community: By providing assistance to farmers, educational programmes and health care, to improve the wellbeing of local communities, thereby gaining their support.

 How to help

The best way to help save Gorongosa is to visit the park as a tourist. You will not only get to experience what a special place Gorongosa is, but you will be directly supporting our conservation projects and giving jobs to local Mozambicans.