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Nikki Killoran - Once In A Lifetime

Nikki Killoran - Once In A Lifetime

Nikki Killoran - Once In A Lifetime

Nikki Killoran is a talented woman with incredible energy and enthusiasm. Her mother, Debbie, who began building Café Del Rio a few years ago, offered her this “once in a lifetime” opportunity, and the young entrepreneur grabbed it with both hands.

After years spent travelling and working all over the world, Killoran is surprised to finally be settling down in Tete. She aims to provide an oasis on the banks of the Zambezi; an “African moment” to take away. It certainly is that. She has decorated the café beautifully, creating incredible artwork, lighting and furniture using locally-sourced woods and products.
Killoran has had to train staff from “below ground zero,” and seeing what they now produce has been her greatest delight. As she says, opening the café has required patience as long and endless as the mighty Zambezi.

Some encouraging words from her:
    •    Be good at what you do at a small scale.
    •    Make something incredibly well that people will keep coming back for.
    •    Seize opportunities. Put yourself on the line. Have courage.
    •    Life is what passes us by when we are waiting for something else to happen.

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