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Bébé Missanga - Create the Moment!

Bébé Missanga - Create the Moment!

Bébé Missanga - Create the Moment!

In the short year since her arrival in Tete from Angola, bubbly, tireless Bébé Missanga has transformed a run-down car wash on the banks of the Zambezi into an incredible restaurant, offering amazing food with a stunning view of Tete’s picturesque bridge.

The name of the Cigana Restaurant (cigana means gypsy) reflects Missanga’s long and challenging journey to the establishment’s opening day, though she says that the experience has been largely positive.

As a newcomer to the city, Missanga views the expatriate community in Tete as a large family, and her care for her wide-ranging clientele is evident as she warmly greets guests between trips to the kitchen and open-air bar.
While doing business in Tete presents real difficulties for anyone, Missanga says that being a woman isn’t really an obstacle. She loves the city’s vibe, explaining that Tete has given her great opportunity to live and feel free.

Here are her thoughts on running a successful business in the city:
    •    The environment isn’t easy, so there’s no room for negativity.
    •    Create the moment!
    •    If you can’t make it in Tete, you won’t make it anywhere!  The opportunities are ripe for the picking.

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