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How to register a company and acquire land in Mozambique

How to register a company and acquire land in Mozambique

How to register a company and acquire land in Mozambique

In September 2012 ACIS published two new guides in its “Legal Framework” series. The Legal Framework for the Incorporation and Registration of Companies in Mozambique covers procedures from the registration of a company to licensing of companies in the commercial, industrial and services sectors. With many new businesses moving in to invest in Mozambique’s growing economy, and particularly into support sectors for the mining and hydrocarbon industries the guide provides a useful tool for investors. It also introduces the changes made by Decree 5/2012 of 07 March which provides for simplified licensing procedures for many types of company, which reduces the time and cost traditionally association with registration in Mozambique. The guide includes flowcharts, checklists and information on various procedures to be followed to legalize a company and to keep its registration legal over time. The guide is based on the idea that informed investors can more easily comply with the law, in the belief that the general principle of law is the best guarantee of property, order and sustainable development.

The second guide is a new edition of The Legal Framework for the Recognition and Acquiring of Rights to Rural Land in Mozambique. Of particular interest is that this guide was produced in partnership with the Mozambican National Directorate of Land and Forestry and thus provides a definitive statement of the government’s understanding and application of the land legislation. It includes procedures for authorization land title in rural areas, including explanations of the procedures for community consultation, delimitation and demarcation and deals with the recently published resettlement legislation. The guide aims to be a contribution to ensuring that rights are protected and preventing land conflicts through the dissemination of legal requirements to be followed.

Both guides are available for free in Portuguese and English from

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