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Granny Teresa’s work continues

Granny Teresa’s work continues

Granny Teresa’s loved ones looking happy and healthy
Granny Teresa’s loved ones looking happy and healthy
Gigi Guimbeau

In December 2012 Zambezi Traveller reported on the World of Children orphanage in Tete that was started by Granny Teresa (Business men and women help the needy, ZT, Issue 11, December 2012). Sadly this wonderful lady who was in poor health passed away a few months ago after suffering for quite some time with various illnesses.

The  World of Children orphanage/children’s home in Tete has sixty resident children and another sixty or so that attend the daycare center each day. The center cares for orphans, children who have been abandoned, or whose parents are unable to care for them due to illness. There are also children who live here so that they have the opportunity to go to school.

Some of the children pay a small token amount to stay, but those without parents of course cannot pay anything.  Since Granny Teresa’s passing, things have continued on at the center. Her son Joao Dias the owner and new operator says he is committed to continuing the work of his mother. He has dreams to make improvements to the buildings, and ideas to improve how things function. Finances are tough and it is incredible how they have managed to keep going until now. Joao Dias attributes it to his mother’s faith in God and His provision for her. He knows there are so many generous people in Tete and around the world that have kept the children eating, and well cared for. There is a pressing and ongoing need for the centre to continue. One of his dreams is to create a website where people can donate online.  He already has created a Facebook page.

This month Dan and Karen Giesbrecht, all the way from Canada, are hoping to spend at least a week volunteering, helping do some odds and ends that need doing around the place, with a focus on getting the washrooms to an acceptable standard.

Necessities are food, soap and cleaning products, school supplies, clothing, and any other basic supplies and any donations along this line will be greatly appreciated.

If you want to help in anyway please contact Graziela on or Karmen Neta on

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