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Steeling themselves for business

Steeling themselves for business

Steeling themselves for business

I took some time out to speak with Vania Monti about BSI’s arrival into the busy Tete market.

ZT:  Vania, I can see you are very enthusiastic about the Tete business environment.  How are you finding doing business in the fastly developing city?
VM: It has been a challenge for us as we have many things to learn about doing business in Tete.  In all though we are finding that the community has welcomed us with open arms and our business has seen a positive growth since we have arrived here.

ZT:  What are the biggest challenges that you face?
VM: Apart from us learning to speak Portuguese properly, our biggest challenge is understanding the intricacies of the various government authorities and what they require from us on a monthly basis. 

ZT:   Is your business quite wide spread, or are you mainly focused on the mines?
VM: The development in Tete is fantastic and we have found that our customer base stretches far and wide.  We deal with the mines as well as a number of the support services to the mines.  We have been very fortunate to have the support of the construction industry as well. 

ZT:  What is your most important offering to the customer?
VM: We are committed to offering our customers the best service and prices that we possibly can.  Our stock holding and range of products is vast and our ability to source materials quickly also stands us in good stead.  We offer cutting and bending of reinforcing bars as well as custom made roofing, these coupled with our commitment to service excellence are our most important offerings to our customers.

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