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Dreams of an artistic Tete

Dreams of an artistic Tete

Dreams of an artistic Tete

As an artist myself, I was motivated and encouraged by spending time with Naia Lisa Trindade, artist and patron of the arts.

Naia Lisa Trindade came to Tete from Quelimane to work in the rapidly expanding mining industry. She felt she wasn’t following her passion, so with her partner and her son’s encouragement, she gave up work in June and has immersed herself in art.

Naia has covered the walls of  the well known Cigana eatery and is busy painting more abstract works. She turns scrap into beautiful décor for house and home. She uses the local capulana fabric to make handbags and clothing. Outside of her own pursuits, she also promotes other Mozambican artists, selling their works; jewellery made with natural products, including cow horn, coconut shell, wood, sea shells and seed pods.

Her aim is to open an art gallery selling both her pieces and local arts and crafts. At the moment, she hosts a monthly Sunday lunch in her home, and invites guests to browse and buy creations from her collection from across Mozambique.

Naia has her dreams and I am sure it won’t be too long before they will be fulfilled, given her energy and determination. She would love to study art and then to go out and teach others to create works of art using natural and recycled products.

Another dream, which would need a little help from the Tete community, is to change what people see in Tete. Most only see a dry, dusty, dirty, drive-through. Naia sees potential for a vibrant, colourful metropolis. By giving some old crumbling buildings and shacks different hues of paint in an artistic way, Tete could become beautiful and original. Naia I support you for a vibrant Tete.

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