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The Black Eagle Breeding Survey

The Black Eagle Breeding Survey

The Black Eagle Breeding Survey

•    Matobo Hills has the highest concentration of black eagles per square kilometre in the world.

•    All eagle species are protected in Zimbabwe.

•    The high number of pairs of black eagles in Matobo allows a realistic ‘replacement rate’ per pair to be determined for this species.

•    March each year – Briefing held for participating volunteer teams. Each team is given a list of allocated black eagle nest sites, and hyrax population census sites.

•    In 2013 – 12 teams will be monitoring 104 known nest sites within 78 territories in approx 620 kms² survey area, and 20 hyrax colony sites.

•    April/May – Teams check all nest sites for occupancy, and if any breeding attempt is being made, ie – mating, nest rebuilding and lining with greenery, incubating. This is the first reporting period.

•    If the first nest within a territory is found to be occupied, other nest sites within the same territory need not be checked.

•    May – Hyrax population census conducted, to try and determine if the eagles’ main prey base is stable.

•    June/July – Teams return to occupied sites and check if a chick present. This is the second reporting period.

•    August/October – Teams check if the chick has successfully fledged. This is the third reporting period.

•    December – Preparation of report on results for publication in BirdLife Zimbabwe journal Honeyguide, and for submission to Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.

•    The ‘replacement rate’ of the black eagle is determined by the number of pairs which have attempted to breed and the success rate of these breeding attempts.

•    Teams may visit as frequently as they wish, but three visits are mandatory, as is submission of standard report forms by end of each reporting period.

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